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  • Apimondia (International).An international specialized organization that includes 55 national beekeeping associations of 49 countries. It organizes every two years the internatinal apicultural congresses, and promotes new applied apicultural studies.
  • Apiservices-Virtual Beekeeping Gallery (International).Information about beekeeping, bees and honey: associations, companies, journals, events, institutes, laboratories, markets, equipment, museums, links, personalized advice, tools, etc.
  • Arnold Honeybee Services (US).Arnold Honeybee Services is a comprehensive source for all apiary products and services - from honey and pollen to crop pollination and bee removal.
  • Bee's Knees Honey Factory (US).A specialty honey production, processing, and distribution company located in the northwestern part of Oregeon.
  • BeeChat (US).Set up as a free service to beekeepers and those interested in honey bees for informal, friendly exchange of information about beekeeping.
  • Beehive Products (Texas, US).Wholesales a wide variety of beeswax products such as candles, bee pollen, royal jelly, honey, and more.
  • Beekeeping in New Zealand (New Zealand).Information about New Zealand Beekeeping includes, industry at a glance, areas of beekeeping activity, pest and disease status, nectar and pollen sources, and labelling of bee products.
  • Blossom Land Supply-Online Store (US).Store for candle making, craft supplies, and Michigan honey available in a variety of sizes and flavored honey stix.
  • Burleson's Honey (US).Facts about bees and honey, facts on nutritional facts about nutritional value of honey, quiz, and recipes and a kids store.
  • Circle B Ranch (US).Specializes in bee hive manufacturing, pollination services, selling off tupelo honey, and bee swarm prefvention and control.
  • Georgia Honey Corporation (US).Ambrosia Apiaries and Diamond I Farms operate to provide pure honey products to Georgia Honey Corporation for distribution throughout the US and the world. Products include beeswax products including candles, figurines, perfumes, and soaps.
  • Honey - Bees - Beehives (US).Bees,Beehives,Honey,Combhoney. Sells complete beehives year round. Also can help start a bee and beekeeping business. Located in Georgia.
  • Honeybees Informational Site (US).Site includes an observation hive, what to do if you get stung by a honey bee, and honey bee related pictures.
  • Ickowicz (France).For over 50 years, all the material and the supplies for apiculture.
  • J & N Sales Inc (US).A year-round provider of pure beeswax, used as industrial lubricant or in candle making, crafts, and wax ornaments.
  • J & N Sales Inc (US).A year-round provider of pure beeswax, used as industrial lubricant or in candle making, crafts, and wax ornaments.
  • National Honey Board (US).Its dozen-member staff conducts research and advertising to help maintain expanding domestic foreign markets for honey. Research developments page and recipes.
  • Pollen Control (US).Supplier of horticultural pollen to California's nut and tree fruit growers for the past 20 years.
  • PollenControl.com (US).Products, supplies and information for controlled pollination of tree fruit and nuts.
  • S and F Honey Farm, Inc. (US).Beekeeping supplies, honey stix distributor, and mead making supplies.
  • Sting Shield (US).Portable emergency-use insect veil. Site includes index of personal protective equipment and an Africanized Bee Index page with Q & A and recent media stories.
  • Sue Bee Honey (US).Site map, store, recipes, and links to the Sioux Honey Association.
  • The Land of Herbs and Honey (US).Honey, honey products, honey recipes, apiary page. Also has health supplements.
  • Thorne (UK).Beekeeping supplies, on-line sales for items such as wax moulds. Also publishes Beekeepers News.
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