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  • Bed Master, Inc. (US).Offers Strawblaster, BedMaster, and FeedMaster.
  • BSM Agri Ltd (Canada).Livestock housing and ventilation systems for hog, dairy, beef, poultry. BSM manufactures and distributes livestock housing and ventilation systems to customers worldwide.
  • Coburn Co. (US).Wholesale supplier of milking equipment, animal identification equipment, animal health and dairy farm supplies.
  • Dairy Network.com (International).Offering info on technology, dairy equipment and updates for professionals in the dairy industry.
  • Dairy Trade (UK).Deals in HACCP systems design and implementation, training, product development, removal and installation, interim staffing, production and factory management, equipment assistance, and more .
  • Dairymaster (Ireland, UK).Manufactures milking, feeding, and slurry handling equipment.
  • DC Engineering (UK).DC Engineering are suppliers, installers and maintainers of dairy and milking equipment and all associated equipment in the dairy industry.
  • DDx (US).HeatWatch Bovine Estrus Detection System monitors heat detection for dairy cows.
  • Foremost Machine Builders Inc. (NJ, USA).designs and manufactures equipment and systems for the pneumatic conveying of dry bulk food material.
  • Interpuls (Italy).Manufacturer of components and parts for milking equipment such as detail vacuums and electronic pulsators, clawpieces, clusters for sheep and goats, vacuum regulators, and more .
  • Mainely NuPulse (Maine, US).Offers milking equipment, solar barns, portable garages, and a variety of farm products.
  • Milk-Rite U.S.A., Inc. (US).Features the Ultraliner, LT, TLC and MAX brand milking machine inflations.
  • Milka-Ware Australia (Australia, New Zealand). Manufacturer and distributor of milking machines and dairy equipment worldwide. Specialising in rotary and herringbone milking systems.
  • Milking Services (US).A provider of information related to milking equipment; has extensive experience with all types and makes of milking systems and equipment including DeLaval, Surge, Bou-Matic, Universal, Hinman, and many more.
  • Parts Dept (Connecticut, US).Suppliers of dairy equipment and supplies; can supply everything from the .
  • Polanes Milking Systems (Poland).A producer of milking parlours, pipeline milking and spare parts as well as other products; open for co-operation, as well deliveries, and will assist in service intechnical guidance.
  • PolyTank Company, Inc. (US).PolyDome features polypropylene products for use in raising farm animals such as hut and nurseries for cattle and pigs, lick tanks, bulk bins, and silo accessories.
  • QC Supply (Nebraska, US).Supplier of dairy,swine, and poultry equipment, ventilation, identification, and supplies.
  • Rota-Tech Dairy Parlors (New Zealand).A manufacturer of innovative rotary dairy parlors; the increased milking efficiency comes from rotary technology that moves cows as they are milked, optimizing human labor .
  • Scherping Systems (US).Manufacturers of stainless steel equipment and process control systems for the food and dairy industries.
  • Tandem Chillers (Markham, Ontario).manufacturer of modular chillers and chilling systems for air conditioning
  • Tru-Test (International).Manufactures agritech products including milk meters and analysers, livestock scales, electric fences, and animal identification. Also provides contract manufacturing services.
  • Westfalia-Surge, Inc. (Illinois, US).Offers a full line of milking equipment, parts,supplies, animal health and dairy hygiene products to dairy producers.
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