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  • Agricultural Irrigation Parts, Products, and Accessories (Virginia, US).Agricultural Irrigation Parts, Products, and Accessories is a large company dealing with over 10,000 Agricultural Irrigation Products in Stock.
  • Agricultural Products, Inc. (US).Manufacturer of irrigation systems and products
  • Agricultural Supply, Inc (US).Supplier of low-volume irrigation systems to the agricultural markets of Southern California, selected western states and Mexico.
  • AIR-igator (Florida, US).A water conserving device which collects condensate from your air conditioner and stores it until there is an adequate amount to operate your drip irrigation system for one hour; provides cost free water .
  • Amiad Filtration Systems, LTD. (International).Self-cleaning filters and manual filters for use in industry, municipalities and irrigation.
  • Amiad USA (US).Filtration, micro-irrigation, and valve products.
  • Antelco Corporation (US).Specializing in low volume micro irrigation products.
  • Aquadesign International AB (Sweden).Providing design, supervision, final inspection, and training of irrigation system.
  • Barton Supply, Inc. (US).Authorized distributor for Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro. Provide free irrigation design for residential, commercial, and athletic field sprinkler systems.
  • Brookwater Inc. (US).Irrigation consulting and water management.
  • Central Pump & Supply, Inc. (US).Mission is to provide contractor trade with professional products and service.
  • Chapin Watermatics, Inc (US).Source of drip irrigation products for greenhouse, nursery, and rowcrop applications.
  • Cobb Sales Co. (US).Distributing and manufacturing agricultural irrigation equipment and accessories.
  • Creative Landscapes of Texas (Texas, US).Creative Landscapes Of Texas is in the business of meeting client's unique landscaping needs in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antionio areas.
  • Dallas North Lawn Sprinklers, Inc. (Texas, US).A small privately owned/opperated company that offers custom designs of irrigation systems; all available with warranties.
  • Drip Irrigation Online (US).Suppliers of conventional as well as drip/micro-irrigation systems and supplies for the irrigation contractor, farmer or individual grower .
  • DriWater, Inc. (US).Offers a self contained drip irrigation system in the form of a gel (non-polymer) that gradually converts back to liquid when placed in the micro-biological environment of natural soils.
  • ESI Environmental Sensors, Inc. (California, US).An environmental technology corporation specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of instrumentation and systems for environmental measurement.
  • Eurodrip USA (US, Greece, Egypt).Home of Arrow Dripperline extruded tubing and AG-America irrigation controllers with Smartdrip Technology.
  • FlexyCo (US).For use in bent or broken hoses; flexes so that it molds itself to the damaged metal hose end and can be used on both ends of the hose to protect the fittings; for use in camping,gardening and other hose repairs .
  • Fresno Valves & Castings, Inc. (US).Manufacturer of irrigation equipment including filters, valves, gates, air vents, and fittings.
  • Geoflow (International).Offers Rootguard, subsurface drip irrigation for agriculture, turf, and landscape, and wastewater disposal or re-use.
  • Gravityline Irrigation Systems (Canada).Offer irrigation for your farm or garden; easy to install systems use a micro-porous tubing for above ground or buried installations; weeps down its entire length for better root contact and growth.
  • Gravityline Irrigation Systems (Canada).Offers micro-porous irrigation, a simple and easy system to use and operate which provides a slow and even watering down the entire row; increase plant health and use less chemicals.
  • Hasslinger Manufacturing Corporation (US).Maker of a system for automatic protection against broken frozen pipes and valves.
  • Hunter Industries (US).Offering a complete line of irrigation equipment including sprinklers, valves and controllers for residential, commercial and public area applications.
  • Hydro-Gardens (US).Supplier to the Hydroponic/Greenhouse industry; offers Greenhouse Frames, Seeds, Labels, Plant Clips, Produce Boxes, Predators for Whitefly, Aphid, Spidermites, Thrips, Grubs, & much more.
  • Inject-O-Meter (US).Manufactures a complete line of agricultural injection pumps and chemigation systems.
  • Injection Technical Control Inc. (Spain, US).Manufacturers of FERTIGATION and hydraulic, electric dosing pumps for the injection of chemicals and additives in to the irrigation network.
  • International Irrigation Systems, Inc. (Canada, US).Drip irrigation systems. Full pricing and ordering capabilities are available on-line.
  • Irrigation Association (US).Trade association representing irrigation manufacturers and their representatives, dealers, distributors, consultants & contractors through legislation, education, certification & communication.
  • Irrigation Scheduling Methods, Inc. (Washington, US).ISM provides the agricultural industry with the most user-friendly, cost-effective Irrigation Scheduling System in the world.
  • Irrometer Company (International).Makers of soil moisture indicators.
  • IRZ Consulting (US).Irrigation engineering and consulting company specializing in water conservation.
  • KES Irrigation Systems, Inc (US).Manufacturer of produce misting and humidity systems for grovery and agricultural applications.
  • Kilpatrick Company (US).Distributors of irrigation, landscape and turf maintenence products for South Florida, Central America and the Caribbean. authorized distributors for Rain Bird and Jacobsen.
  • Koolfog Incorporated (US).Offers misting fans and systems for irrigation, special effects or climate control.
  • Lake Company (US).Full line irrigation manufacturer and wholesaler.
  • Landmark Irrigation Inc. (Missouri, US).Full Service Valley Irrigation Dealer and Field Drainage Contractor in Mo-Ill-Ia offering factory trained technicians, and leading edge technology with modern equipment.
  • Lindsay Manufacturing Co. (US).Supplies Zimmatic mechanized irrigation systems including center pivots for agriculture. Steel tubing and contract manufacturing services are also available.
  • Long Island Fountain (US).Custom, decorative fountains, pond aeration, and irrigation systems.
  • Maxijet, Inc. (US).Manufacturers of low-volume mist irrigation for agriculture, landscaping, nurseries, and greenhouses.
  • McCrometer (US).Helps users manage operating costs with comprehensive flowmeter line that meets the exceptional as well as everyday needs of industrial, municipal and agricultural users.
  • Netafim (International, Israel).manufactures irrigation systems and agro-technology products for all agro-related requirements.
  • Northwest Mini-Pivots Inc. (US).Manufacturer of the Titan 2000 Mini-Pivot and the Titan Mini-Linear irrigation systems.
  • PALTIN International Inc. (Maryland, US).Deals in real-time monitoring and telemetry systems for soil water profile dynamics in irrigation, drainage, hydrology and environmental impact studies in fresh water resources at local, regional and global scales .
  • Pepco Irrigation (California, US).Makes micro-irrigation products for bringing low-flow water irrigation to your landscape; also makes a full line of tubing, micro-sprays, fittings, and miscellaneous parts and accessories to meet all of your irrigation needs.
  • Plastro Gvat (Israel).Irrigation, water treatment, landscaping, and mini-sprinkler systems for agriculture and home & garden.
  • Quick Flow Tube Company (US).Manufacturers of White PVC irrigation siphon tubes have excellant shape retention, are perfect for chemigation and cooler to handle. They are third to half the cost of aluminum tube.
  • Rain For Rent (US).Irrigation, liquid, and solids handling equipment rentals.
  • Rainbird irrigation (US).Systems designed,installed and serviced.Pop-up turf and sprayheads or drip irrigation systems
  • Raymer Water Supply Contractors (US).Installs industrial, commercial, residential and municipal water wells, pumps and irrigation systems.
  • REAMS Sprinkler Supply (US).Distributor of irrigation and landscape equipment to professional installers.
  • Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. (US).Manufacturer of center pivot and lateral move irrigation equipment.
  • Sadot Irrigation Systems (Tel-Aviv, Israel).Sadot Irrigation Systems, the manufacturer of Shibolet irrigation & fertigation platforms for greenhouse & net-house applications. Irrigation & fertigation control systems for all agricultural & landscape applications.
  • Senninger Irrigation, Inc. (US).Manufacturers of sprinklers, sprays and pressure regulators for agricultural irrigation and industry.
  • Smart Rain (US).An Oakville-based company, devoted to installing superior underground watering systems. Also does repairs to all makes of existing systems.
  • Sunray Irrigation (Australia).Providing agricultural irrigation systems.
  • Toro HomePage. Irrigation supplies (US).Home yard needs, golf course management, grounds management, landscape contractor and sitework systems management, recycling and debris management equipement.
  • Tucor (US).Patented system combines two wire communication with decoder simplicity.
  • Universal Motion Components (California, US).A worldwide OEM supplier of mechanical components specializing in agricultural, irrigation, water managment, marine deck hardware and gearboxes .
  • V.I.T. Products, Inc. (US).Manufacturers of Strong Box, a stainless steel irrigation enclosures for Landscape and industrial use.
  • Vanden Bussche Irrigation & Equipment Limited (US).The company oversees a network of design, manufacutring, design, consulting, and administrative services for a large client base.
  • Vavrina, Inc. (New England, US).Provides the irrigation, grain storage, drying and handling, and building contracting solutions for customers in the midwest U.S. using Lester and Butler buildings, Brock and York grain bins, Brock, and other companies.
  • Vincent Uhl Associates (Pennsylvania, US).Groundwater hydrologists & environmental specialists that work in consulting on wellfield development, pumping, drilling, remediation, site assessments, groundwater exploration, and other similar fields.
  • Wade Rain (US).Producers of irrigation products such as mechanical sprinklers and micro-irrigation for ag and commercial industries along with landscape and mining operations systems; ships throughout the world .
  • Wade Rain Irrigation (US).Manufacturer and distributor of aluminum irrigation; international sales; info about our projects in Mexico and Peru.
  • Water Rite Products (US).Selling drip irrigation supplies.
  • Waterman Industries, Inc. (California, US).Provides water control and irrigation solutions; employs about 325 people in the manufacture of components for the vital systems of food production and ecological waste management.
  • Watertronics (US, International).Manufacturer of electronically controlled pumping stations for golf course, athletic field, municipal, and residential landscape applications.
  • Weather Tec Corp. (US).Irrigation sprinkler manufacturer.
  • Werecon (US).Designer and manufacturer of water conditioning equipment for irrigaiton and agriculture.
  • Wolf Creek Company (US).Distributor for landscape, golf course, agricultural and nursery irrigation systems.
  • WTE Solar (US).Solar powered water delivery systems for livestock.
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