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  • Agpro (Texas, US). waste management needs, flush equipment can clean parlors, freestall lanes and swine facilities, Environmentally equipment allows the producer to recycle both the liquid and solid portions of the manure slurry.
  • Agri-Tec, Inc. (Texas, US). Providing natural alternatives for solving maintenance and sanitation problems, also provide solutions for odor control and waste management, information on industrial wastes, and natural enzymes.
  • Animal Waste Management (US).Site contains an agricultural waste management field manual with information within about .
  • Bazooka Farmstar (Iowa, US). Products include liquid manure injectors, pumps and agitators, Farmstar Cattle Feeders, removable feed doors and built-in rain protection, Stationary units and liquid waste handling.
  • Berghausen (US).Berghausen is a world supplier of yucca in both liquid and powder forms; used as feed, nutritional supplements and odor-control .
  • Cascade Earth Sciences (Oregon, US). Builds, finances and operates waste reuse systems for Municipalities, Confined Animal Feeding Operations, Food Processors and a variety of other industries, pivot irrigation systems.
  • EcoChem Inc. (US).Deals in CBPA, a liquid, organic proprietary blend of selected natural beneficial microorganisms, essential nutrients and synergists formulated for odor abatement and waste management applications.
  • Environmental Services Inc. (NE, US).Provides environmental consulting services to livestock operations throughout the United States; formed to assist both crop and livestock producers with protecting the quality of surface and ground water .
  • Environmental Services, Inc. (US).Provides environmental consulting services to livestock and industry operations throughout the United States; services range from new to existing facilities to meet federal and state regulations.
  • Families Against Rural Messes (Illinois, US).Site depicts how current laws in Illinois and in many other states are woefully inadequate to protect family farmers, rural communities, water quality, air quality, and property values.
  • Global Water (California, US).Deals in water level loggers, weather and water quality sensors, flow meters and probes, stormwater and wastewater samplers, data recorders, turbidity, pH, and conductivity monitoring.
  • Hydro Engineering, Inc. (US). This site contains inforamtion on manure injection systems, manure separators, hydro hose humper, high pressure air purge system, hydraulic pit pump, Radio Controls, and Dump Valve Hose .
  • Liquid Waste Technology (Wisconsin, US). Specializing in dredging equipment such as submersible remote controlled tracked pump vehicles to pump settled solids or specialized mixers, Sludge processing or lagoon cleaning solutions .
  • ManureX Bio-augmentation for manure processing (Maine, US).ManureX MP adds trillions of Manure Munching Microbes to your pits and lagoons which speed the digestion of manure and decrease odor .
  • N.E. Hagedorn & Sons (Ontario, Canada). Specializing in the manufacturing of Hydra-Spread fertilizer spreaders, full line of farm equipment, including its features, and specification, and its availability.
  • Rehbein, Inc. (US). Recycling municipal and industrial residuals for beneficial reuse, product identification and development, permits for land application sites, Mixing, Loading, Hauling, Spreading, and reporting.
  • RODAK Catalysts (US). Using natural technology to Reclaiming salty oil field, irrigated, or desert soil, Restoring contaminated, stagnant, polluted water, Increasing crop yields on previously-poor land, Treating waste and sewage.
  • Roebic Laboratories, Inc. (US). waste treatment products, supplier to the Hardware, Home Center, and Plumbing Supply industry, international distribution and alliance with Altima Technologies of India, also restaurant products.
  • Ronald Gill Associates (UK).Manufacturers of Trommel screens, large capacity compost digesters and suppliers of new and used waste recycling equipment .
  • Rowenvironmental (Texas, US).Specializes in the engineering of facilities to meet the wastewater and residuals management needs of industry, agriculture, and government; services range from alternatives evaluation through design and startup.
  • Till-Tech Systems (Ontario, Canada).Conservation tillage products using the most rugged, reliable coulters on the market. Vertical till, strip till, zone till, manure injection, soil conditioners.
  • USAg Recycling, Inc. (Texas, US). This site provides services that is specializing in Recycling and desposal of Crop plastic containers, and provide Protection against Product Containers throughout the United States.
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